China – Worst flooding in at least 71 years

Some claim it is the worst on record. See video.

Authorities predict that the flood will peak on Monday afternoon.

It is estimated that the water level of Chengdu’s Jintang County, which is located on the upper reaches of the Tuo River, will exceed the “safe level” by 3.85 meters and maximum peak discharge will climb to 8,200 cubic meters per second. This will set a new record at least since the founding of communist China 71 years ago.

Judging from the historical records of the Jintang Sanhuangmiao Hydrological Station since 1949, the highest flow rate recorded was 8,100 cubic meters per second in 1981. If it reaches 8,200 cubic meters per second this time, it means that the flood peak will set an all-time record, reported

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video

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August 18, 2020 at 10:56AM

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