Here is an article from a radical left wing website which wants to change the world. The article is trying to make a case for its policy which, like communism before it, has wonderful sounding ideas but in many ways is very naïve. There is no attempt to say how these ideas could be put into practice.

In case you don’t have time to read it, here is an extract referring to a recently published book:

"The book then takes us back to ‘the Golden Age’, which as the name suggests, was a time in history that was characterised by sufficiency, not scarcity; generosity, not greed; and faith, not fear. Every household was prosperous, as people were able to raise enough money to serve their needs, without having to raise taxes, redistribute wealth or rely on government support!"

The article does not say when this golden age was, or where it was. These idealists are the same people who have dreamt up the Green New Deal and encourage Extinction Rebellion or Black Lives Matter. Dreaming of Utopia is easy, but coming up with alternatives that work is much harder.

In actual fact the time in history when most ordinary people were well off is now. Of course no one is saying that everyone is well off. There are still many people living in poverty, but that percentage is going down. What the idealists don’t seem to grasp is that human nature is basically selfish, which is why we have never had a golden age. Even small sects usually end up arguing and splitting up because people want to lead their own lives. All these systems require leadership and the majority have to be forced to obey the rules. Of course a free market democracy is not perfect, which is why governments are constantly changing the law to try and improve it, but it is the best system as it has the consent of the people and encourages those with talent to use it in order to gain reward for themselves. While there are a few altruistic people, most are not. 

via climate science

September 1, 2020 at 01:30AM

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