XR crashes and burns as climate sceptic becomes UK trade envoy

Ok, I’m in optimistic mood. But this post is to give space to discuss the latest in the UK, both on climate and anything else people see as a crisis.

Today: Extinction Rebellion facing ‘organised crime’ curbs

Tuesday: Tony Abbott rails against Covid ‘health dictatorships’, saying some elderly should be left to die naturally

Both links are to the Telegraph, whose paywall I find hard to predict, not least this weekend, as they say they’ve opened up all their articles for two days due to XR’s foolish antics. Let me know.

This is from the un-paywalled BBC on Abbott on Thursday:

Mr Abbott was a prominent opponent of same-sex marriage in Australia’s 2017 referendum on the issue and has been accused of making homophobic and misogynist comments in the past.

He has also described the idea of climate change as “faddish” and, last year, claimed the world was “in the grip of a climate cult”.

But Mr Abbott’s sister, Christine Forster, defended him against claims of misogyny and homophobia.

“As a woman who has always been part of his life and who came out to him as gay in my early 40s, I know incontrovertibly that Tony is neither of those things,” she wrote on Twitter.

“In reality he is a man of great conviction and intellect; an unabashed conservative but with great compassion, respect for others, and an indelible sense of doing what is right.”

Call me biased but I like that description of a Christian from someone who knows him as well as anyone. But, as said already, please find and debate whatever crisis you want to in all this. This snippet of health economics I found fascinating from Abbott at Policy Exchange:

He said Australian health officials were spending up to £100,000 keeping elderly Covid patients alive, significantly more than they would normally allot for life-saving geriatric care.

On XR I felt a great urge to respond to a Guardian journalist outraged at Labour MP Dawn Butler’s Twitter defence of the stormtroopers of Net Zero trying to nuke the distribution of UK newspapers. But what I ended up saying came out not sceptical of the science at all, as I tried to put myself in the lady’s left-leaning shoes. I’m genuine in asking for criticism of this.

Feel free to chat below about any aspect of XR, Tony Abbott’s appointment and opinions, and on climate, covid or indeed anything.

Like this:

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September 5, 2020 at 10:04PM

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