“I am going to release the Kraken” — Trump won in a landslide says Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell: “This is essentially a new American Revolution”

The mood change that started yesterday is accelerating. Sidney Powell looks — in a legal sense — armed and dangerous. She says: “I can hardly wait to put forward all the evidence we have on Dominion”. “We have staggering statistical evidence, and staggering testimony from witnesses”.

Dominion denies all allegations of fraud. Will that change under oath?

A bitchute video. If you have problems (they are moving servers) watch the youtube below.

Lou Dobbs: “This is an extraordinary and dangerous moment for the country”

Lou Dobbs interviews Sidney Powell, attorney on Trumps team. She is implacably confident (though, that is her job).

Her answers essentially:

Dominion was created to created to alter results in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez. It was funded by Venezuela and Cuba and China is involved too. Let’s talk about foreign interference… As soon as states shut down and stopped counting — those states are the most egregious.

Dobbs: How critical are the December deadlines? (For the electoral college vote)

For fraud this serious, even if the states are stupid enough to certify electors they will be set aside also. We are talking about hundreds […]

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November 13, 2020 at 10:53PM

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