“It will be biblical.” Corruption so big even some Democrats will object

The Octopus Swamp

Welcome to 2020: Living The Odyssey, the year that is like living a movie script. Today’s installment is another Sidney Powell interview, and among the continued allusions to a biblical avalanche of fraud, we find out Dominion or Smartmatic type software was not only used in Venezuela and other nations but that the Democrats used Dominion or equivalent in the 2016 Primaries so Hillary could defeat Bernie Sanders. He was even told this, apparently, but did nothing about it, so the story goes. Powell claims the use of electronic vote rigging probably crosses party lines: “we just don’t know who bought their position”.

Corruption is the enemy of both Patriots and the Occupy crowd

This could be quite the seizmic flip. Suddenly this is not about Trump versus the Democrats — it’s Trump versus deep corruption and in this narrative many Democrats have had their votes stolen too and it hurt. Bernie Sanders fans cried when he lost preselection to Hillary. The Occupy kind of Democrat was driven by the sense that something is deeply wrong with “the system”. The Party Machine on both sides of politics looks corrupt to the end. This could be the one […]

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November 22, 2020 at 01:11PM

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