What are the odds? All dumps favour Biden

If all mistakes favour one candidate they probably weren’t mistakes.

h/t David E.

A group of hard maths guys go through the election data with an algorithm looking for instances of unusually large sudden additions of votes in batches much faster than almost all the others, and far above the “normal” pace. “Odd” in this case means absurdly unusual — in Minnesota one dump at 5:30am was a net gain of 113,755 Biden votes at 19 standard deviations from normal or a probability of 1 in 1081. These are astronomical numbers.

This report is well worth scrolling through. Each state has a batch of graphs. The outliers are obvious without any statistics.

Note, these are not necessarily fake votes or illegitimate. They are flagging them for investigation. But they didn’t find any dumps for Trump. Hm?

Fourteen states are reported, and it’s somewhat disturbing to see dumps in states that have been off the radar like Kentucky and Maine. There were so many dumps in Pennsylvania and Virginia they had to change their definitions.

Without the step jumps in vote counting, the end graph would have been a massive landslide victory for Donald Trump. In Florida after batch #50, almost […]

via JoNova


January 3, 2021 at 12:32AM

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