Hybrid power plant plan puts Wylfa back on the energy agenda 

NuScale reactor (SMR) design [credit:
NuScale / Wikipedia –
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All part of looking to invent a hydrogen power market in the UK, to help solve problems that are only known to exist in failing climate models.
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Combining wind power with a nuclear small modular reactor (SMR) could see energy production re-start at Wylfa in North Wales by late 2027 under plans presented by Shearwater Energy, says New Civil Engineer.

Shearwater has said that the proposal would involve construction of a wind-SMR and hydrogen production hybrid energy project, which it says would be located on a different site to the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station, planned by Horizon, that stalled when Hitachi pulled support last year.

The Shearwater plant could provide 3GW of zero carbon energy and is also expected to produce over 3M.kg of green hydrogen per year for use by the UK’s transport sector.

The firm has signed a memorandum of understanding with US power business NuScale to develop the SMR solution for the site, which Shearwater has said could be delivered for less than £8bn.

Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit head of analysis Jonathan Marshall welcomed the news that plans were being developed for use of SMRs in the UK. “If SMRs are going to be trialled anywhere in Britain, Wylfa would be as good place as any to start,” he said. “A nuclear-skilled workforce, the right grid connections, and historic local acceptance of energy infrastructure all favour trials on Anglesey.

“Getting a project up-and-running would also allow long-touted claims of low costs and quick build rates to be put to the test. The nuclear industry for years has been plugging SMRs as the next big thing, actually building them would allow the rest of us to see how accurate these claims are.”

According to Shearwater, the Wylfa concept is part of an outline proposal submitted to government and the devolved governments of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, “all of whom stand to derive considerable economic benefits in connection with the proposed project”.

Shearwater has described the Wylfa element of the plan as a “flagship opportunity” for combining SMR technology, offshore wind energy and hydrogen production in the UK.

Full article here.

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January 23, 2021 at 08:51AM

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