By Paul Homewood



Novelist Jonathan Thacker has turned his hand to writing a new book called Denierland.

It’s worth checking out.



Denierland is the place where sceptics of climate catastrophe have been exiled.Sceptics refuse to bow to the consensus that the Wealthy West faces "Migration crises, civil wars, crop failures, famines, extreme weather, looting, wildfires and flooding" if we don’t cut our emissions of carbon dioxide to the fabled "Net Zero." Why? Are we too proud? Funded by fossil fuel interests? Is it pure selfishness? Maybe we’re too stupid? Is it because we think climate action is a ruse to install undemocratic global government? Do we think it is all a Chinese hoax to bankrupt the West? Nope, nope and nope again. The reason is far more prosaic. Sceptics have very good evidence that the alarmists’ fire and brimstone predictions are wildly exaggerated, and that the measures they propose won’t make life better for normal people anywhere. Instead, they will reduce our freedoms and make us poorer.And rationalising all the world’s problems onto a single axis – carbon dioxide – won’t solve the biodiversity crisis either. It will just make things worse for wildlife. Denierland explains why:CLIMATE CHANGE IS REALHUMAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE IS REALBUT HUMAN-CAUSED CLIMATE APOCALYPSE IS NOT.


March 9, 2021 at 05:06AM

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