Gazprom delivers first ‘carbon-neutral’ LNG to Europe–And Shell Believe Them!

By Paul Homewood



If you believe this, you’ll believe anything!



Russian energy giant Gazprom said today it has made the first delivery of what is claimed to be carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The company said the shipment has been made carbon-neutral by offsetting emissions from its production and transport.

LNG has been delivered to Royal Dutch Shell at the Dragon terminal in Wales.

The delivery is expected to enable Shell to supply further ‘carbon-neutral’ gas to the UK domestic market.

It is estimated an average LNG cargo of about 70,000 tonnes emits approximately 240,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent across the value chain.

Steve Hill, Executive Vice President at Shell Energy, said: “Carbon-neutral LNG cargoes are another choice we are offering our customers as they seek to reduce their net carbon footprint well to wheel and also offer the same choice to their end customers.

“Using nature-based carbon credits to compensate for emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced is an important step as we find more ways to reduce emissions across the LNG value chain.” 


We know that carbon offsets are little more than a scam, but does anybody seriously the Russians have actually made their gas “carbon neutral”? This after all is a country which has done nothing at all to cut its emissions:


BP Energy Review

And according to Carbon Tracker has no intention of doing:




Indeed its Paris pledge would actually entail higher emissions than now in 2030. Russia has also declared that this target is subject to the maximum possible accounting of the absorbing capacity of forests, something that can be easily fiddled but not readily independently verified.

My guess is that Gazprom has got hold of some worthless certificates, claiming that new forests have been planted in the back of beyond.

Naturally Shell, who are keen to lower their carbon footprint for political reasons, have been more than happy to take Gazprom’s word for it, no questions asked.

Shell must surely know Gazprom’s carbon neutral claims are worthless, but they are happy to play along with the charade.


March 13, 2021 at 10:36AM

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