Perspective around the WA Labor election triumph

Since Premier McGowan’s big election win 4 years ago the Liberals won the Darling Range byelection in June 2018.
Then in the May 2019 Federal Election the Liberals(or + LNP Coalition) did well in WA winning 11 seats to 5 for Labor. Bushfires dominated our media in 2019 and into Jan 2020.
It is only since the Wuhan Flu, cruise-ships publicity, formation of the extra-constitutional disastrous National Cabinet and virus safety issues became prominent about a year ago the Premier McGowan’s popularity started to boom resulting in yesterdays State Election triumph for Labor and wipeout for the Liberals.
In May China opened a trade war with Australia putting a tariff amounting to a ban on our barley exports. Since then a variety of our other commodities have been targeted by the CCP and our responses have generally been that our Minister whines that his phone calls to Beijing are not answered.
In the midst of all this harmfull background it was unfortunate that WA secession memories were set loose in 2020 and as I write Chinese Govt ships are poking around off the NW WA coast and a Chinese resources company has been granted a mining “lease” in Cockatoo Sound which has a “port” from past mining operations. The Canberra Gov says it is near a “military training ground”.
I expect there will be many CCP agents in WA influencing whoever well connected Labor people with the remotest links to the Govt. (Note – posted in haste – to be added to later – if anybody has WA poll results timeline going back into 2019 I would appreciate link or screen save pic – thanks)

via Errors in IPCC climate science

March 13, 2021 at 03:59PM

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