UK news media campaign against oil and gas exploration

By Paul Homewood


Once again we see a tiny clique in the media ganging up to oppose a government policy which is entirely beneficial for the nation:




After the BBC and campaigners forced the government to cave in on the Cumbrian coal mine, the BBC, a network of eco-activists in the news media and green NGOs are now campaigning for the end of oil and gas exploration in Britain.

It is almost certain that this new campaign by the UK’s mainstream news media will be accelerated and radicalised in coming months, with likely mass demonstrations against Boris Johnson and his government in the run-up to COP26.

Meanwhile, the EU is planning to classify gas power plants as sustainable energy, paving the way for ‘green finance’ and government subsidies …


It is quite astonishing how a tiny Metropolitan Elite have managed to accumulate so much power and influence, that they can work against the interests of the British public in this way.

The simple reality is that the only opposition to North Sea oil exploration comes from an insignificant number of extreme eco activists. In contrast the vast majority either have no strong views either way or believe that exploring for oil is simple common sense, and will enrich the country.

Yet the media story tries to persuade us otherwise.

The same Metropolitan Elite fought hard to stop Brexit. Fortunately the public had more common sense and won through in the end. Hopefully they will do so again.

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March 24, 2021 at 04:48PM

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