Scrap VAT On EVs–Daily Express

By Paul Homewood



The Society of Motor Manufacturers wants tax cuts so they can sell more cars. Well they would wouldn’t they!


So where will the money to pay for all of this come from, Daily Express?

VAT on a typical car brings in around £6000. So with annual sales running at about 2 million cars, the government would have to find £12 billion a year, in addition of course to the £3000 discount already taxpayer funded for most electric cars.

Most of the benefit will accrue to the rich, who buy more expensive cars as well as having second cars, which will probably be diesels capable of long journeys. They will also likely have garages where they can charge up at home.

By contrast, poorer people, who cannot even afford new cars, will not benefit at all. Many don’t even have cars.

If the SMMT want to sell more EVs, then why don’t their members cut prices?

The article then goes on to include this comment from Dale Vince:

The Government makes all the right noises about tackling the climate crisis. They’ve set targets and got the language.

But the things they do, too often, pull in the opposite direction. They have announced a £16billion investment in further exploration for oil and gas in the North Sea.

This came with the Orwellian Doublespeak that it helps the transition to the end of fossil fuel use when it obviously slows that down.

A week before that they announced the cutting of support for electric cars because it is too expensive. Its £300million-a-year cost contrasts with the £16billion support for fossil fuels.

This is actually a pack of lies. This is actually how BEIS described their proposals:





For a start, the £16bn is not all taxpayer funded.

Secondly it has nothing to do with further exploration for oil and gas in the North Sea. Part of it is to convert power supplies on rigs to renewable energy, surely something that Vince should be applauding.

The rest is intended to drive carbon capture and hydrogen production, both things that the green lobby has been calling for.

Sadly this shoddy little article is now typical of the newly woke Daily Express, since it was taken over by the labour supporting Mirror Group, under its newly appointed labour and remain supporting editor.


March 27, 2021 at 11:12AM

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