Army To Roll Out Electric Tanks To Fight Climate Change!

By Paul Homewood


h/t Ian Magness



The Russians must be quaking in their boots!



Electric tanks and vegetarian options in the mess are just some of the ways the Armed Forces will go greener, the Ministry of Defence has revealed.

The MoD sets out in a new report how it will respond to “the threat posed by climate change”, following an internal climate change and sustainability review conducted by Lt Gen Richard Nugee last year.

Lt Gen Nugee told The Telegraph that a major factor under consideration was how renewable energy could replace fossil fuels. He said that while it was not possible to turn the UK’s “monster” Challenger 2 main battle tanks electric, there was a “distinct possibility” that in the next “10 to 15 years”, 20 tonne, un-crewed tanks could potentially operate with renewable energy.

Lt Gen Nugee said in such a scenario, “that makes it possible, not definite, but possible to be propelled by a green energy solution.

“Not all our vehicles are going to be susceptible to this, but what we should be doing is looking for the mindset and the opportunity to develop different types of vehicles which are susceptible to renewable energy over time,” he said.

Lt Gen Nugee, who revealed that he had reduced his own meat consumption by “80 per cent”, added that troops were being educated about the benefits of vegetarianism for both a healthy lifestyle and the planet.

He noted that while it was Napoleon who said “an army marches on its stomach”, the Armed Forces would look to educate troops “that eating less meat is a good idea”.

He added that they would also “produce menus in our messes that might offer more alternatives to meat”.

“If we’ve educated people and we have told them of the value of some of the other diets that are available, then I think we might see a difference,” he said.


Oh for General prepared to tell the Ministry of Defence where to get off, instead of kowtowing to what they must know deep down is absolute, and extremely dangerous, nonsense.

Whether they are “monster” Challenger tanks or 20 tonne ones, it is absurd to think that they can be powered by batteries and/or renewable energy. If battery power is to be used, how on earth are they supposed to be recharged every night in the middle of nowhere? Or maybe they are thinking of putting a solar panel on top, and hope that the Russians don’t attack at night.

And, as we know, the range for electric cars is distinctly short. By contrast, tanks can carry around their own fuel, which allows them to carry out extended operations.

The Telegraph editorial goes one step further, suggesting that tanks will simply swap batteries, not seeming to realise that you would need a crane to lift the darned things. Or for that matter questioning where the flat batteries are supposed to be recharged.




There was a time when proper journalists would rightly have torn these proposals to pieces. Instead they have been replaced by babies.





In another Telegraph article last week, covering the Defence Review, they reported:



Given that our Armed Forces have traditionally been trained and expected to operate in all environments, from desert to snow, and jungle to mountains, I am not quite sure why they need to build resilience to climate change!


March 30, 2021 at 11:33AM

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