The accelerating nature of magnetic field collapses

Could indicate that a magnetic reversal is imminent.


The accelerating nature of magnetic field collapses

Lloyd Robbins

It concerns me that in every discussion I read on the subject of magnetic reversals, one aspect is consistently either unacknowledged or ignored, that being the accelerating nature of magnetic field collapses. Even studies that do talk about accelerating magnetic field declines skirt around the issue of imminent field collapse as if it is still some time off. We hear of the accelerating decline of the Earth’s magnetic field, but it’s usually stated almost rhetorically. The truth is that it’s not rhetorical at all.

The production of the Earth’s magnetic field is theorised to be via the circulation of the liquid iron core. Due to induced electrical currents, this circulation supports and amplifies the existing field, so it’s a positive feedback mechanism. When the field begins to decline, this means that the positive feedback mechanism has already started to fail, dating back to when the field initially started to decline. A fair analogy is a spinning top which has already started to wobble and fall.

Once in decline, this can only accelerate, unless there is some other mechanism which kicks in that we don’t know about. As the theory has no concept of this secondary mechanism and geomagnetic signs in the crust do not suggest it, it should therefore be assumed that no such mechanism exists. Given this, the decline of the magnetic field should be considered to be exponential in nature – the decline accelerates the decline – ie a collapse.

It has been stated by Robert in his books that ice ages can establish themselves in the space of one season. My feeling is, that as alluded to by Robert, this could be linked to magnetic field collapse which could happen in a similar very short time frame. Once the magnetic field drops to a certain critical level, it will simply collapse from there because it can’t continue to fight its own decline.

Unlike when the magnetic field re-establishes itself, building the new field from that of the Sun, the old one having completely disappeared, the collapse of the old field is irreversible and unavoidable. My guess is that there are scientists who actually do fear this if not actually know it, but that they are either not speaking up or being ignored or silenced because the truth is being hidden.

People like to believe they have time, that cataclysmic events are not going to happen while they are alive. But if what I’m writing about is true, it could be about to happen very shortly, in the space of perhaps only a few years. Looking at the graphs of magnetic field declines, it’s obvious to at least me that this is an accelerating process which is already targeting a zero magnetic field in the space of only a few years.

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