ABC tells 100% renewable Canberran’s that electricity prices are rising $300 because they are falling

It’s hard to find a more daft example of Pravda-style Public Broadcasting

ABC journalist Markus Mannheim was given the task of making Canberrans feel good about having to pay nearly $300 more for their electricity this year. He also had to hide that the rise is all due to renewable energy. Canberra has gone “100% Renewable” so there is no other energy to blame now. Thus, he’s created an article which actually says that prices are falling which is why they are rising.

Like all good Pravda pieces, higher prices were “always expected” and the only graph he shows is not of Canberra and not about retail prices.

The ABC journalists are apparently being trained to write in the genre of top level teenage girlie-gossip magazines. This is exactly how a precocious fifteen year old girl would explain electricity pricing to her 12 year old youtube fan-club:

Electricity prices are falling. So why are Canberrans’ household power bills about to rise?

EvoEnergy says its charges need to go up because electricity prices are going down.

If that sounds confusing to you, you’re not alone — the workings of Australia’s electricity markets are complicated.

via JoNova

April 7, 2021 at 02:33PM

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