Malcolm Turnbull Claims Climate Change Deniers Conspired to “Take Him Out”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

On Tuesday WUWT suggested Ex Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull was cynically axed from a climate board by his own side because he is a political liability. Turns out we were wrong – according to Turnbull, climate denier thugs and bullies conspired to take him out.

Turnbull claims climate change deniers conspired to take him out

By Mark Saunokonoko • Senior Journalist
10:00am Apr 7, 2021

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is refusing to go quietly after being dumped from a NSW climate change board, accusing the state government of being swayed by global warming deniers and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

Speaking on Today, Mr Turnbull claimed the Berejiklian government “couldn’t take the heat” from “thugs and bullies” and cut him loose.”

The fossil fuel lobby, the coal lobby with their supporters in the Murdoch media are very influential, very powerful,” Mr Turnbull said, one day after being sensationally axed.

“They don’t believe in net zero emissions. 

“They don’t believe in global warming or doing anything about it. 

“So someone like me who takes those issues seriously is someone to be opposed.”

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Turnbull is saddened that people are being misled into thinking he is the enemy of coal miners. Turnbull doesn’t want to destroy coal mining districts, he wants to liberate them, by replacing coal jobs with renewable energy jobs. Turnbull blames a climate denier conspiracy for misrepresenting his desire to help people.

The problem with the idea that coal industry wreckers are actually liberators, is those new renewables jobs which are supposed to replace coal jobs do not exist.

Just as Joe Biden in the USA liberated Keystone workers and oil and gas workers across the USA from a steady income, without making provision for something better to replace what he ripped away BEFORE killing the old jobs, so I suspect Turnbull if he had a chance would start by closing coal mines, callously ignoring the hardship and pain he caused by abruptly shutting down an entire industry.

Do greens like Biden and Turnbull actually believe their own promises of green jobs? Are they really that delusional? Or perhaps they just don’t care – perhaps the promises of green jobs are just convenient lies, to quell objections from people who otherwise might hesitate to inflict the misery of joblessness and broken hopes onto millions of their fellows.

I personally lean towards the “convenient lie” theory. My evidence – Biden’s speech suggesting that miners whose lives he ruins should “learn to code” was in my opinion an act of utter contempt. Miners are smart, mining is a job which literally kills off stupid people. But coding is an art talent most smart people don’t possess.

Whatever the truth is about what is happening inside the heads of green politicians, one thing for sure. People whose lives green politicians gratuitously ruin cannot feed their families with empty promises.

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via Watts Up With That?

April 7, 2021 at 09:05PM

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