German Ministry Of Health Spokesman Can’t Cite One Single Scientific Study Showing Lockdowns Are Effective

German Health Ministry spokesman gets agitated, testy, in response to a journalist’s inconvenient question

Agitated German Ministry of Health spokesman Oliver Ewald trapped by journalist, with no way out, on question of the science behind lockdowns. Image cropped from Phoenix.

It’s nice to see a journalist doing his job. Independent journalist Boris Reitschuster is doing his quite well. Currently, the German government is looking to impose even stricter lockdown measures. Liberty has been suspended indefinitely in Europe.

Not a single study

At an April 9th press conference, Reitschuster asked German Federal Ministry of Health spokesman, Oliver Ewald, if he could cite a single study indicating that lockdowns work in slowing down the pandemic, see video at Twitter link (in German), exchange translated below:


A question to Herr Ewald: Herr Ewald, [a journalist] at the WZ wrote in a report that the German government has no proof of the effectiveness of lockdowns. So my question is: what scientific studies do you have? Thank you.”

Spokesman Ewald, tries to duck the explosive question:

Herr Reitschuster, you know that as a fundamental rule, we do not assess comments from journalists, and so here I will stick to that.”

Reitschuster refuses to accept his non-answer:

There’s a misunderstanding, Herr Ewald, I only brought up a quote and then followed it up with a stand-alone question, and this question has nothing to do with the quote. I’ll gladly repeat the question once again; what scientific study…”

Before Reitschuster can finish, Ewald, clearly irritated,  cuts him off:

When you read one sentence from this comment here and request an assessment without, so to speak, providing further context or basis, I can’t say anything on that.”

Reitschuster refuses to let it go and presses for an answer to the simple question:

Completely without the sentence, for the third time, what scientific study does the German government have? Thank you.”

We all know there is no study that supports lockdowns, and so spokesman Ewald is clearly trapped, and goes coldly silent for a couple of seconds – you can hear a pin drop. Ewald, who now looks as if he’s about to explode in anger, responds:

I’ve said what I have to say say on that!”


Absolutely nothing.”

This is what the German government, and many countries around the world, have based their lockdowns on. Nada.

“Follow the science,” they tell us. Unfortunately when it comes to COVID-19 lockdowns, there isn’t any.

German TV propaganda

On a separate note, the massive German ARD public broadcasting network is in cahoots with the government, and both seem to have a vested interest in spreading fear among the population. To help do that, ARD recently revised its color scheme for the 7-day incidence level chart. Here it is:

ARD German television 7-day color-coded Corona incidence chart. March 17 on the left and the new one of April 9 on the right. 

Now a 7-day incidence level of 50 is bloody red. Hey, why by coy when it comes to scaring the bejesus out of the citizenry? Let’s just get right down to full-blown alarmism!

Just like climate alarmism: where 0.5°C of warming is now red-hot.

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April 11, 2021 at 12:40PM

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