Sky Fall For WWF Propaganda

By Paul Homewood



If you thought the BBC was bad enough, just take a look at this garbage:



The UK’s overall carbon footprint has fallen by 17%, thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, a major study has found.

Lockdown restrictions have reduced the amount of travel people have been doing, which is the largest contributor to an average footprint.

But Britons were adopting more eco-friendly lifestyles before the COVID outbreak, research by environmental organisation WWF and the Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York shows.

More than 300,000 responses to WWF’s carbon footprint calculator showed an average 17% reduction in overall carbon footprint, as well as a 25% rise in people moving to plant-based (vegetarian or vegan) diets between February 2019 and October 2020.

The number of people who changed to 100% renewable energy almost doubled from 12% to 21%.

That move alone could reduce each individual’s footprint by an average of 2.9 tonnes of greenhouse gases a year, a significant saving from an annual average of 13.9 tonnes.

Average footprints decreased across all areas of lifestyle, which indicates the UK has an appetite for more sustainable living.


Do Sky News really believe that being locked in your home, unable to go to work, a restaurant or on holiday is an eco-friendly lifestyle? Or even sustainable?

As for the rest, it is no more than typical WWF propaganda.

A 25% rise in people moving to plant-based diets? What on earth does “moving to” mean? The number of veggies is still tiny , and not increasing.

And people switching to 100% renewable energy makes not the slightest difference to the amount of renewable energy being produced. Instead it is mere virtue signalling. I suspect if they had to pay the true cost of renewables, they would quickly cancel their contracts.

In any event, the whole poll is crooked. It is not a scientifically conducted opinion poll, but based on the responses to the WWF’s Environmental Footprint Calculator:



Now, this may be a total guess on my part, but I suspect the number of non eco-loons (ie normal people) who have taken the questionnaire is vanishingly close to zero!

Shame on Sky News for falling for this load of manure from WWF


April 21, 2021 at 04:45AM

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