MET Office downplaying April cold

Coldest in 99 years, but MET Office tries to divert your attention by talking about ‘frostiest’ instead of ‘coldest.’

Frostiest April for at least 60 years in UK, reads the headline.

“April 2021 has provisionally been the frostiest in at least 60 years for the UK, topping the previous frostiest April in 1970, with records going back to 1960.”

“This is how the MET Office downplays the coldest April in England in 99 years (records about the CET Central England Temperature going back many hundreds of years),” says Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands.

“They don’t talk about the coldest April in England, but about the frostiest April in the UK, records going back to 1960. This way they don’t have to go back further, because records of the FROSTIEST April in the UK do not go back further.”

“Many farmers and fruit growers suffered enormous losses.”

In fact, it has been cold across Europe.

Cold April across Europe.

Temperature anomaly up to April 30, in relation to the climate norm 1981-2010

Coldest April in Germany in 40 years

According to the Polish website Dobra Pogoda 24, this April was the coldest in Germany for more than the last FORTY years (not 30). And for England the coldest April in almost 100 years.

April 30, 2021:

“Outrageously cold April in Europe

In Poland, the lowest temperature in 24 years, in Germany for over 40.

April 2021 is coming to an end and we want to forget about it quickly.

Scandalous low temperatures with frosts and snowfall affected not only Poland, but many other European countries.

Coldest April in Poland in 24 years

Preliminary summaries say about the coldest April in England since 1922, in Germany since 1980, and in Poland this year’s April is the coldest in 24 years, i.e. since 1997.

According to the data of the British Met Office, in the UK, an average of 13 days with frost (data until April 27)! The new record broke the previous one from 1972 by at least 2 days. Many farmers and fruit growers suffered enormous losses.

There were also significant losses in grapevine cultivation in France. The famous French wine may be less on the tables.

Germany is very disappointed in April, because the exceptionally warm end of March and the beginning of April filled us with optimism for the warm remaining days. But the descending jet stream far south quickly dropped the “chill bomb” with a prolonged advection of cold air flowing in from the north, including the Arctic.

April 2021 in Germany the coldest since 1980
2nd coldest in entire measurement history

The end of April 2021 brought 13 days of frost in Germany. In this respect, it was the 2nd coldest in the entire measurement history. More days with frost were recorded in Germany only in 1929. The average temperature this year in April was 6.1 degrees Celsius. It was -1.3 degrees lower than the average for the base period 1961-1990.

Across Europe, persistently low temperatures significantly delayed plant vegetation

April 2021 in Europe was a cold month from the British Isles, through France, the Benelux countries, Germany, Poland, parts of Norway to western Ukraine and the Balkans. Persistently low temperatures, including frosts, significantly delayed plant vegetation.

This year’s cold April delayed the arrival of the phenological spring. The pictures compare the vicinity of Barlinek from April 28. On the left from 2020, on the right from 2021.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

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