NIFC Suppressing Historical Dept Of Commerce Wildfire Data

By Paul Homewood


A follow up to yesterday’s post on the cover-up of pre-1983 wildfire data:




The implication is that pre-1983 data is not accurate or reliable. This is absurd.

All of the data, previously published by the NIFC, is derived from annual Department of Commerce publications. For instance:




The NIFC numbers are exactly the same:





As I commented yesterday, nobody would argue that the historical data is perfectly accurate, given the technology available at the time. But it was most diligently calculated at the time, and can certainly be considered to be broadly accurate.

It is of course deeply ironic that NOAA and others are more than happy to use inaccurate and incomplete historical data on, for instance, hurricanes, when it helps them claim that there are more hurricanes nowadays.

It is evident that the pre-1983 data on wildfires is being suppressed because it proves that current wildfire activity is only a fraction of the past.


May 5, 2021 at 04:09AM

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