We are in deep trouble

The following opinion piece by Ian K. is referring to my recent post about snow cover in the northern hemisphere being an historic 700 gigatons above average.


We are in deep trouble

Ian K

The problem is this is not happening in the USA and there is very little interest in world news anymore.

When California and the southwestern desert region acts like a desert, the uninformed panic. Overwhelmed by images from cell phones, the general public sees every storm as a disaster which the media is quick to blame on global warming, which is undoubtedly caused by humans. Every tornado and hurricane is the worst that ever occurred. If permafrost melts and fossils are found, it is a sign of impending disaster. No thought whatsoever is given to the reality the fossils must have gotten there from an earlier period when when it was warmer. sic- it’s a cycle.

We are finding oil on moons far removed from the Earth, yet give no consideration to the origin of this oil. Was there a time when dinosaurs and giant ferns covered the moons of Saturn and Jupiter?

Maybe our own planet’s oil and gas has nothing to do with earlier life forms and is a near inexhaustible energy source we are trying to replace with far inferior and temporary wind and solar power. This process will produce new, unique and non-recyclable waste and toxic pollution, as they deteriorate, and destroy the countryside.

Drought conditions plague many areas used for food production and yet we take resources such as corn and use a gallon of fossil fuel to produce and deliver a gallon of ethanol which is inferior to gasoline in energy production and corrodes our engines. If and when the ice age comes ( and I am afraid it will be sooner than we think ) we will be sorry we did not produce stores of food for the famine which will surely follow close behind.

We have been conditioned to panic and live in fear ( just look at the disordered, confusing , and often contradictory response to Covid ), and then go along with government nonsense which allows us to be controlled.

We have stopped thinking logically because the education system is trying to limit non-conformist thought.

We are in deep trouble.

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May 6, 2021 at 12:24PM

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