Covid Operation to Devastate Our Freedom May Be Over

What will be the next op? Crashing the currency system? Aliens?

Covid Operation to Devastate Our Freedom May Be Over


I think it’s over. This is why: Informed people, even those who don’t frequent conspiracy sites must now know everything listed below. Perhaps more to the point, the political authorities upholding/enforcing this operation can no longer pretend not to know the same list of items:

  • The number of cases is fraudulently inflated, not least by running the PCR test at too many cycles.
  • The ludicrous practice of denying supposed cases all treatment until hospitalization is readily seen as a means of increasing “vaccination.”
  • Vaccinations are producing large numbers of illness & even death.
  • 60% of all new Covid cases are among the vaccinated.
  • Vaccination which doesn’t immunize causes emergence of more virulent strains. (We have examples of this w polio and other diseases. It’s analogous to unsuccessful antibiotic treatment causing antibiotic-resistant bacteria.)
  • The public at large believes the virus to be lab-created.
  • Many are aware of conflict of interest by Fauci & the CDC
  • And my favorite:
    When you hold a cloth mask up to the light you see the holes in the weave. Bacteria aren’t larger than these holes, hence cannot be stopped by cloth masks. Viruses are 100 times smaller still.

There is of course much more, but I think that the Covid operation is now at a standstill, and is even beginning to backslide. What will be the next op? Crashing the currency system? Aliens?

A few Covid bits:

  • LifeSiteNews reported on April 21, 2021, that Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale University has discovered from clinicians in the field treating COVID-19 patients that an estimated 60% of the new COVID-19 patients they are treating are patients who have already been vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • This is the TENTH report that 60% of new cases are among the vaxed.
    (You may remember that Dr. McCullough in the Fox interview carried on Ice Age Now said the same thing.)
  • Fauci has now backpedaled on masks, and peoples’ faces are beginning to re-appear even here in CA.
  • Some are relating Fauci’s Congressional grilling to the public letter by 317 retired generals & admirals which was reported May 9 here .
  • Although the above letter doesn’t mention Covid, its warning about fraudulent election and the rule of law is nevertheless relevant– as are all things political just now.
  • Even Biden’s role as mask for the powerful Deep State billionaires has been set aside. One now sees only “Ears”, his look-alike.

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May 23, 2021 at 11:48AM

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