‘Climate Seesaw’ Spurred Human Evolution For Millennia – New Study

Climate seesaw, including periods of glaciation, hammered humans for 620,000 years. NOT the other way around. No mention of humans hammering the climate.


In an article entitled “‘Climate Seesaw’ Spurred Human Evolution in Africa For Millennia, Scientists Say,” David Nield writes “Ancient, oscillating weather patterns similar to El Niño are chiefly responsible for environmental shifts in sub-Saharan Africa over the last 620,000 years, new research reveals – and they’re also likely to have played a big role in our evolution as a species.”

Looks like El Niños may be the culprit, not humans, doesn’t it?

Here another excerpt:

“According to the researchers, lush and verdant environments associated with heavy rainfall swung from the east to the west of Africa and back again, with each switch taking about 100,000 years. Animals, plants, and humans would have responded accordingly.”

Notice that each switch took “about 100,000 years.” I agree with that number. It corresponds with the ice-age cycle that I keep talking about in “Not by Fire and by Ice” and “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.”

That’s why I’m so concerned about humanity’s future, because I think we’re the very end of one of those cycles right now, headed for a major glaciation.

It’s a cycle! It’s a cycle! It’s a cycle!

“However, it seems likely that this ‘seesaw’ pattern needs to be accounted for in addition to the patterns of various ice glacier shifts, when it comes to trying to figure out patterns of migration overall, and why people might have moved where they did,” Nield continues.

Notice that Nield mentions “various ice glacier shifts” as contributing to the pattern.

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