A COVID Stricken Doctor, an Air Ambulance & Ivermectin

When a hospital refused to treat her husband with Ivermectin, a wife physician had him flown to another facility. 

click for source; photo by Go Nakamura

Six months ago, on US Thanksgiving Day, a Getty freelancer snapped a poignant photograph. It showed Joseph Varon, a Houston ICU doctor, comforting an elderly COVID patient. That moment of compassion went viral, as did the story of Varon who had worked 250 days straight trying to save lives in the midst of a pandemic.

Varon is a key member of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, the group of ICU physicians who’ve spent months shouting from the rooftops that Ivermectin – a cheap, safe, generic drug – has the ability to end our COVID nightmare.

I’ve previously mentioned an 80-year-old woman on a ventilator in ICU, dying from COVID-19. After the hospital refused to treat her with Ivermectin, her family secured a court order, she received the medication, and has since recovered.

That’s just one story amongst many. Another involves a father of young children, Texas urologist Manuel Espinoza. After being admitted to hospital with COVID last December, he grew steadily worse. His wife (also a physician) heard about the medical protocols developed by Varon’s team and asked that he be given Ivermection. The hospital refused.

In response, she hired an air ambulance to transport him to United Memorial Medical Center, where Varon is chief of staff. Four days after his arrival, Espinoza’s recovery was well underway.

The 5-minute video above tells this family’s story. It is a story about love, perseverance, and hope that will brighten your day.






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June 7, 2021 at 06:09AM

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