Corrupt EPA stacks CASAC panel with agency grant cronies; Chair is top agency grant crony

EPA has filled the seven-seat Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee with five agency grant recipients. The CASAC chairman will be the University of Washington’s Lianne Sheppard, the top recipient of agency grants ($65+ million). In 2018, Sheppard sued the Trump administration after being excluded from being an independent EPA science advisor because she was an agency grant recipient. The four agency grant recipients included on the “independent”CASAC board include: Michelle Bell ($29 million), James Boylan ($229,770), Judith Chow ($449,456) and Mark Frampton ($36+ million). EPA completely ignored the recommendations of, instead opting for a totally corrupt and rubber-stamping CASAC. EPA’s CASAC will now be led by someone who gets paid to do research for EPA then gets to review and rubberstamp her and her colleagues’ (also EPA grant recipients) work. No corruption here. Move on.

Top EPA grant grubber Lianne Sheppard is now chairman of EPA’s CASAC board of outside advisors on air quality science.


June 20, 2021 at 10:28PM

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