China, India and 85 other nations can’t be bothered meeting UN emissions target deadlines

China, India and 85 other nations can’t be bothered meeting UN emissions deadlines

Despite headlines declaring the World is Committed to Cutting Emissions, and that ( pick a nation) is an “isolated pariah” — the truth is they were all supposed to “update their emissions targets” but 42% of nations, including the two largest, haven’t. Worse, the updates were supposed be done by the end of 2020, and the UN extended the deadline, so they are already double late. And since China effectively promised to do nothing til 2030, all it had to do was say it would do nothing again, so that’s double-late on a non-promise, and it can’t even do that?

h/t GWPF

In a warning shot across the bows of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, China, India and 85 other nations have decided to ignore a UN deadline to submit its pledges for cutting CO2 emissions in time for the UN climate summit in Glasgow later this year.

South Africa hasn’t put in its own update, but it has asked for money:

Meanwhile South Africa has demanded that developed countries should set a target of $750 billion a year to help poorer nations transition to renewable energy.

Nothing is more important than saving the Earth, and everyone is doing it except (… where you live…).

Glascow COP 26 could end up as another dud. Except even when it’s a dud it’s a success. The junket is the point. It’s the two week glorious reward for all the Climate Fans. Plus the headlines are already written, the late night prolonged finale will still “affirm” the commitment of blah, every nation, blah. Large meaningless numbers of dollars and gigatons will be massaged into subheaders to woo the distracted into thinking something important just happened.

But in the end, a group of bureaucratic grifters forged out a lifestyle of foreign flights, heroic subsidies and grants.

And the weather did whatever the weather was going to do, but they all pretended they could control it.


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August 3, 2021 at 01:57PM

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