Am I a Mutant Variant?

I could help bursting out laughing on reading the start of the Damian Carrington’s latest opinion column in The Guardian:

Ruinouseye-wateringcripplingstratosphericmassive. That’s the cost to the UK of beating the climate crisis, according to those who portray getting to net zero emissions as economic suicide that is being thrust on an unwilling population by posh eco-fundamentalists and zealots.

This is not just wrong, it is the exact opposite of reality. The delusions come from those with histories of climate change scepticism and could be dismissed as the latest mutant variant thrown up by the death throes of denial. But they are having a real-world impact, slowing action at the precise moment acceleration is needed.

H/t Mark Hodgson in Open Mic, as ever.

The good news: according to Carrington we are having a real-world impact. Furthermore, note that, apart from one piece by the GWPF, those are all MSM newspaper articles he’s linked to. So perhaps we’re having a bigger real-world impact than even I realised.

Anyway, I thought this might be a good place to give our personal account of what led us to have “histories as climate change sceptics”. And perhaps give our wider view on the history of climate scepticism more generally. Or just have a go at the rest of the article.

Like this:

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via Climate Scepticism

August 11, 2021 at 03:08PM

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