“Arctic Warming Causes Cold Winters”- Yes, It’s That Old Canard Again!

By Paul Homewood


The absurd Matt McGrath is at it again!



A new study shows that increases in extreme winter weather in parts of the US are linked to accelerated warming of the Arctic.

The scientists found that heating in the region ultimately disturbed the circular pattern of winds known as the polar vortex.

This allowed colder winter weather to flow down to the US, notably in the Texas cold wave in February.

The authors say that warming will see more cold winters in some locations.



These claims have been debunked so many times, you would have thought the penny might have dropped by now.

Maybe Mr McGrath would like to show us exactly these supposed increases in extreme winters are actually happening in the US. For instance, Texas, which uses as an example:




Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) (noaa.gov)

Whether you look at just February or the winter as a whole, this year’s cold wave there simply does not look in any way extreme or unusual in the NOAA record since 1895.

Of course, it might be that NOAA’s data is wrong, and that their substantial temperature adjustments have wrongly cooled the past, and that this February really was unusually cold after all!


In the meantime, isn’t it about time that our own Met Office started to challenge these sort of junk science studies, which give climate science such a bad name. Their failure to do so diminishes their own integrity and reputation.

Maybe the Met Office’s own Richard Betts, who falsely accuses me of blocking him and his colleagues, would like to comment?



September 4, 2021 at 12:48PM

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