UN climate summit COP26 in trouble as China rebuffs UK

Days after China sent US climate envoy John Kerry home empty handed, Beijing has given Alok Sharma, the COP26 President and the UK’s senior climate official, the same message: China won’t cave in to Western demands, plunging Joe Biden’s and Boris Johnson’s Net Zero agenda into doubt.

Beijing has told Britain that it will not yield to international pressure for bigger improvements to its climate change commitments at the Cop26 conference in Glasgow.

Beijing’s warning came after Alok Sharma, the UK senior climate change representative, arrived for pre-summit talks with the intention of persuading China to “enhance” its carbon emissions reduction targets.

An official Chinese pledge that carbon emissions will peak by 2030 has resulted in the commissioning by provincial governments of a flurry of new coal-fired power stations in recent months, critics said.

“China has already announced its own climate road map and will stick to its own pace,” an editorial in the Global Times, a party-run newspaper, stated.

“Uncertainties and risks remain for multilateral platforms such as the Glasgow summit due to Washington’s toxic approaches and it is imperative for the UK and the global community to avoid the global climate conference being held hostage by US political [ideologies],” it said.

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September 7, 2021 at 02:13PM

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