Shortening Northern Europe Summers…August Temperatures Have Been Cooling Since, JMA Data Suggest

Late summers have been cooling across far northern Europe…September: Finland braces for one of its coldest this century, mercury drops to -6.4°C 

By Kirye
and Pierre

Last month we looked at July mean temperature data from the stations in northern Europe for which the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) have enough data and found northern Europe (Norway, Sweden and Finland) had seen no mid summer warming in 20 years.

Now the JMA has the data for the same stations for August. Again the trends show late summer has been cooling, and not warming.

What follows are the trends for Finland since 1996:

Data: JMA

In Finland, all six stations for which the JMA has sufficient data show a slight to notable cooling since 1996. None have shown warming for the month of August.


Next we look at Sweden, home of teen climate doomsday alarmist, Greta Thunberg:

Data: JMA

Poor Greta has seen her summers cool.


Finally we look at the trends at 11 stations in Norway:

Data: JMA

Seven of of 11 stations in Norway have seen cooling. So summers over far northern Europe obviously are not extending further into the fall. Quite the opposite seems to be the trend: fall is encroaching into summer.

And how is September, 2021, shaping up? The following anecdote provides a hint.

September may be “perhaps the coldest of the 21st century”

Earlier today at Twitter Mika Rantanen posted how frost has gripped much of Finland this morning, with temperatures falling to a wintry  -6.4°C.

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September 21, 2021 at 12:10PM

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