Facebook Outage Appears to be a DNS Hack

I’m not an IT expert, but I decided to check. This is a very high level hack. Here is what the DNS query for Facebook shows this morning:

According to Internet security researcher Brian Krebs (@briankrebs),

Confirmed: The DNS records that tell systems how to find Facebook.com or Instagram.com got withdrawn this morning from the global routing tables. Can you imagine working at FB right now, when your email no longer works & all your internal FB-based tools fail?

To be more precise (and Geek Factor 5) the BGP routes serving Facebook’s authoritative DNS were withdrawn, rendering all Facebook domains inaccessible. That’s per @DougMadory , who knows a few things about BGP/DNS.

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the most important thing on the Internet. It is like a phone book, where you type a name, and the DNS record says, oh, Facebook is here at this IP numerical address.

Without DNS records, Facebook and Instagram are DOA.

Like this:

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via Watts Up With That?


October 4, 2021 at 01:36PM

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