Aussies prone to voting for women “Independents”

What is it with the propensity in the last five or six years or so for the Aussie electorate to vote in so many left-of centre women as “independent” MP’s? This Wiki lists the women I am talking about, Cathy McGowan, Kerryn Phelps, Rebekha Sharkie, Zali Steggall, Helen Haines and in the Senate Jacqui Lambie.
Now we have the 21 Climate200 candidates acting exactly like members of a political party – there are 18 women. The Climate200 www page says “..this isn’t a complete list of all current values-aligned candidates.” so there may be more.
The AEC should insist that all Climate200 candidates stand under the banner of a political party with a name like “GetUp Climate200 Party”.
The GreenLeft ABC has just reported – AEC investigating website registered to One Nation candidate fundraising for ‘freedom candidates’ 12Apr22 This is an amazing read how the AEC rides into battle with a relatively insignificant Indie candidate.
While ignoring the huge issue of the large group of Climate 200 candidates all getting aid from Holmes a Court and GetUp with real potential to warp our election.

I come back to the question raised in my blog headline – is there some psychological thing causing Aussies to vote for women Indies? In recent years there has been colossal leftist media propaganda about women and climate – so I wonder if that is affecting us all.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

April 12, 2022 at 07:07PM

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