Energy Expert: Recent Warming Is “Moderate”…Germany’s Push To Green Energies “Has Reached End Of the Line”

So that the gas doesn’t run out


Climate change and the transition to green energies: two major issues of this time that are closely linked. After all, the common narrative of the allegedly impending “climate catastrophe” is used by many players in the media and politics to call for far-reaching changes, especially in energy supply issues. But is this narrative true?

Prof Fritz Vahrenholt says Germany’s push to green energies has “reached the end of the line”. Image: GWPF. 

Already in the JF-TV documentary series “Mythos Klimakatastrophe” (Myth of the Climate Catastrophe) a number of aspects come up that speak against this narrative, but are consistently ignored by the leading media. Former Hamburg Senator for the Environment, Fritz Vahrenholt, recently provided another in a study: “The majority of the warming of the past 20 years can be attributed to changes in the clouds,” said Vahrenholt, referring to this very study. Thus, there seems to be a natural effect that exceeds the warming caused by greenhouse gases, according to measurements.

No reason to panic

Nevertheless, the warming of the past decades is “moderate” and no reason for panic activism, according to Vahrenholt, whose study, however, has been consistently ignored in leading media. Rather, he was recently attacked once again in an article on Spiegel-Online by Stefan Rahmstorf, a well-known researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, with Rahmstorf underhandedly painting a disreputable picture of Vahrenholt that just has nothing to do with reality.

In an interview with JF-TV, Vahrenholt defends himself against the accusations and retorts: “It is outrageous to falsify my curriculum vitae in such a way!“

Becoming increasingly unstable

In the second part of the interview, Vahrenholt – who, incidentally, played a leading role in the development of so-called “renewable energies” in Germany – explains why these technologies are not suitable for supplying an industrialized nation with 100 percent of its energy. He has nothing against these technologies, having helped to develop them himself, but with more than 40 or 50 percent of the electricity supply it becomes expensive, inefficient and increasingly unstable.

Abandoning coal, nuclear “a big mistake”

The “big mistake” of the Merkel governments, however, was to abandon nuclear and coal and replace the lost capacity with natural gas. The consequences of this can now be seen in the Ukraine war and Germany’s immense dependence on Russia. Therefore, he said, the German government urgently needs to “tell the truth” to the population that green energies alone announced in the coalition agreement can no longer function, at the latest due to the elimination of Nordstream 2.

It is obviously too early for that, but we will “get the truth about the security of the energy supply on the table, because this system is now becoming more unstable,” said Vahrenholt, who fears that we have “reached the end of the line” in terms of the push to green energies.

In this issue of JF-TV THEMA with Fritz Vahrenholt, you can find out what solutions the former Hamburg environment senator is proposing for the energy crisis, what he expects from a federal government with the participation of the Greens, and why global warming seems to be nowhere near as dramatic as is constantly claimed.

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April 23, 2022 at 12:03PM

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