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World Economic Forum: President Trump Paris Decision Increases the Threat of a Global Environmental Collapse

Official White House Photo of President Trump Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to The Guardian, The World Economic Forum, a forum composed of large businesses, is concerned that President Trump is withdrawing from global climate agreements which would have…

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Fifty Years Of Top Climate Science

James Hansen is remembered as the father of global warming because of his 1988 testimony before Congress – but in 1968 Tiny Tim laid out all of the principles of modern climate science. It is unfair that he doesn’t get…

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Oh FFS, “Researchers explore psychological effects of climate change”

From the UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA and the “abnormal people don’t worry about climate change” department comes this load of codswallop. It’s all about messaging, if we didn’t have the MSM pushing the “weather events are now climate driven” BS, for which…

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Becoming An Eagle

Great day for birds today. Northern Harrier Kestrel with her breakfast. One of the males I see rests on one foot. But when he flies, you can see the other foot. I saw three Red Tailed Hawks this morning.  They…

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