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Tesla Narrowly Misses Q3 Model 3 Deliveries… by 83%

Guest post by David Middleton Tesla misses the mark on Model 3 production – by a lot by Chris Isidore @CNNTech October 2, 2017 Tesla announced it fell far short of its plan to build 1,500 of its first mass…

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Worse than we thought – humans have altered Earth’s history

Scale of human impact on planet has changed course of Earth’s history, scientists suggest Anthropocene Working Group scientists publish recommendations for formalizing new geological epoch From the UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER Anthropocene Working Group scientists suggest human impact has now grown…

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The Sun Returns (Soon)

After 10 days of rain, the skies have cleared. Yesterday was January weather. Tweet via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog October 3, 2017 at 06:23AM

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New Study: Global Warming Standstill Confirmed, Climate Models Wrong

Natural climate variability: Interpretation of the post 2000 temperature standstill ABSTRACT The period from 2000 to 2016 shows a modest warming trend that the advocates of the anthropogenic global warming theory have labeled as the “pause” or “hiatus.” These labels…

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