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Cooler Global Temperatures Ahead: Indications are that La Niña is returning

Cooler Global Temperatures Ahead: Indications are that La Niña is returning Paul at Vencore Weather notes the ENSO forecast models and the data seem to be in alignment Sea surface temperatures have dropped in the tropical Pacific Ocean during the…

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U.S. Government Says Walrus Not Endangered As Mammals Adapt To Climate Change

ANCHORAGE, Alaska  – The Trump administration announced Wednesday it will not list the Pacific walrus as a threatened species based on diminished Arctic Ocean sea ice, concluding that the marine mammals have adapted to the loss. “Walrus demonstrated much more…

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Coral Reefs, Temperature and Ocean pH

By Andy May Georgiou, et al. 2015 have reported that coral reefs in the Australian Great Barrier Reef, near Heron Island, are insensitive to ocean pH changes. The location of Heron Island, about 257 miles (414 km) north of Brisbane,…

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Remember all the fuss over Walruses and Climate Change? Never Mind

“U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials said they cannot determine with certainty that walruses are likely to become endangered “in the foreseeable future,” which the agency defines as the year 2060.” (CBC, 4 October 2017). “The agency said in 2011 that…

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