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Successful Cover-up and Lack of Accountability in Climate Deception

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball The headline for the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) Newsletter says, “Europe’s Green Utopians Pay Price for Green Energy Folly.” Europe is not alone. All nations who accepted the claims of anthropogenic global warming (AGW)…

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“For Fame And Fund”… Japanese Scientist Accuses Four Climate Researchers, IPCC, Of “Fake Science”

AGW scandal by four scientists and the IPCC By Kyoji Kimoto,, July 30, 2017 (Background here, where Robert Cess admits error) The anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory of the IPCC is a fake science developed by the following scientists…

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Climate Science – The Fact and Data Free Science

Scientists have determined that the heat of the 1930’s was caused by CO2 from burning fossil fuels. Scientists Trace Climate-Heat Link Back to 1930s | Climate Central Had these “scientists” actually looked at any data, they would have known that…

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The Day After Dunkirk – England Bombed, And Progressives Blamed America

Britain lost 30,000 men evacuating Dunkirk, and Churchill predicted England would be attacked “almost immediately.” 05 Jun 1940, Page 13 – The Sydney Morning Herald Churchill was correct, and American progressives and scientists predictably blamed the US “warmongers.” June 6,…

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