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Winning!!! Clean Power Plan proposes view that PM2.5 kills no one

Since July 2011, has championed the view that PM2.5 in outdoor kills no one. Now that view has been adopted in the new EPA proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan. Here’s the footnote that acknowledges the assumption that…

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Steve Milloy Statement on Repeal of Clean Power Plan

Just awesome. State from The Clean Power Plan was based on the Obama EPA’s illegal and scientifically bankrupt endangerment finding. The Obama EPA made up its mind to condemn CO2 before the endangerment rulemaking began, ignored the ongoing global…

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Media Baffled…”WHERE Have All The Cyclones Gone?”…Pacific Near “Quietest Season On Record”!

Dr. Ryan Maue here reports at Twitter that although the Atlantic hurricane season “is going gangbusters“, the Pacific is in fact seeing “one of quietest Typhoon seasons on record“. Last month in the media, amid the aftermath of Harvey and Irma, the…

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Victorian Police Perplexed: Furious Neighbours Continue to Shoot-Up Noisy Wind Turbines

The photo above was cooked up a couple of years ago by wind industry stooge, Andrew Bray. The stories below, though, are real enough. ‘Could result in death’: shots fired at Waubra wind turbines The Courier Derrick Krusche 27 Sep…

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