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UK Energy Cost Review Turns Into Farce Before It Has Even Started

Green taxes which are blamed for adding up to £150 to every power bill will not be cut as the result of a government review of rising energy bills announced today. Dieter Helm, an Oxford academic and critic of wind…

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For Climate Scientists, Permanent Drought And Flood Are The Same Thing

Six years ago, President Clinton’s science adviser said Arizona was in permanent drought  caused by global warming, and cited a dust storm as evidence. Dust Storm Marks Beginning of Southwest’s “Permanent Drought” | The Energy Collective Today, Climate Central says…

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African children pay the price for “clean green” electric car battery technology

Goldman Sachs, the merchant bank, calls cobalt ‘the new gasoline’ but there are no signs of new wealth in the DRC, where the children haul the rocks brought up from tunnels dug by hand. Adult miners dig up to 600ft…

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Volcanic Northern Winters

I see there’s a new study, unfortunately paywalled, which starts out by saying: Observations show that all recent large tropical volcanic eruptions (1850-present) were followed by surface winter warming in the first Northern Hemisphere (NH) winter after the eruption. Recent…

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