Month: February 2017

Ororville Dam Spillway collapse may be due to missing REBAR

Watts Up With That? Looking at the many photos online of the Oroville Spillway collpase that has been in the news, there’s one major component of concrete that should be there, but is blatantly absent: REBAR Rebar (short for reinforcing bar), collectively known as reinforcing steel and reinforcement steel, is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as […]

Bespoke Climate Science: Temperature and CO2 Data Made to Order | Watts Up With That?

Scientists discover star with building blocks of life in it

February 9, 2017 at 06:16AMDwarf star 200 million light years away contains life’s building blocks UCLA-led team discovers object in the constellation Boötes with carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – LOS ANGELES Many scientists believe the Earth was dry when it first formed, and that the building blocks for life on our planet — carbon, nitrogen […]