Oxford 2024: Climate lockdowns start — You will be tracked and trapped in your suburb and happy about it.

Totalitarian busybodies want to track your car, and expect you to ask permission to travel, not just overseas, but to the suburb next door. These are the same people flying in private jets to two week long UN junkets.

The 15 Minute City is a UN and WEF plan. You will be tracked and trapped in your suburb and happy about it.

15 Minute City, WEF, UN.

From the WEF and just for you.

It’s hard to believe but Oxford City Council is taking the benign idea of solving long commutes and with one hop, skip and a jump they’ve arrived at malignant tyranny. If you don’t like the idea of walking to work, and “saving the planet”, they will force you to catch that bus. But the unintended consequences are vast. You may have to move house, get a new job or get a divorce. You think you have the right to visit your children? Only with permission. Your whole lifestyle is up for grabs.

What about people who live on the edge of a zone? Will the stupidity of artificial borders mean people quit gyms or shops five minutes away which are in the wrong zone and drive 20 minutes instead?  Emissions may rise…

It’s the social credit scheme that starts with your car.

Residents will be confined to their local neighbourhood and have to ask permission to leave it all to ‘save the planet’.

Oxfordshire County Council yesterday approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones to ‘save the planet’ from global warming. The latest stage in the ’15 minute city’ agenda is to place electronic gates on key roads in and out of the city, confining residents to their own neighbourhoods.

Under the new scheme if residents want to leave their zone they will need permission from the Council who gets to decide who is worthy of freedom and who isn’t. Under the new scheme residents will be allowed to leave their zone a maximum of 100 days per year, but in order to even gain this every resident will have to register their car details with the council who will then track their movements via smart cameras round the city.

What if your wife has a job in one zone, your son goes to uni in another, and your work or sports club with lifelong friends is in a third? Should you sell the family home, and send the kids to boarding school?

James Woudhuysen, Spiked

On the surface, these 15-minute neigbourhoods might sound pleasant and convenient. But there is a coercive edge. The council plans to cut car use and traffic congestion by placing strict rules on car journeys. Under the new proposals, if any of Oxford’s 150,000 residents drives outside of their designated district more than 100 days a year, he or she could be fined £70.

The concept of the 15-minute city was born with ‘C40’. Chaired today by London mayor Sadiq Khan, C40 calls itself a ‘network of mayors of nearly 100 world-leading cities collaborating to deliver the urgent action needed right now to confront the climate crisis’.

The BBC thinks it’s totally normal for the government to decide who your friends are. Apparently lockdowns in Paris were great social moments. Who knew?


.. for Fraioli, the two-month lockdown that began on 17 March – confining her to a 1km radius of her home – gave her a nuanced, enriching view of her neighbourhood. “I discovered it’s possible to feel like you’re in a small village in Paris,” she says. “To get to know your neighbours, to maintain good links with shopkeepers, to favour local craftsmen and shops over large supermarkets. I even joined a citizens’ movement where people prepare food baskets for homeless people. I thought I would have a hard time living the lockdown, but I was perfectly at home, in a quiet place.”

I don’t seem to recall “getting to know neighbours” as being part of any lockdown anywhere?

And don’t think buying two cars will get your 200 trips. Each household gets 100 no matter how many cars they own.

Climate change is just the excuse to get the plebs out of the planes and off the roads. The special chosen ones at university or in the executive service will be given a free pass.

And yes, this is not just Oxford, but Brisbane, Melbourne, Barcelona, Paris, Portland and Buenos Aires.  Spreading like cancer.

h/t David Maddison, John Connor II


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December 3, 2022 at 02:17AM

29 thoughts on “Oxford 2024: Climate lockdowns start — You will be tracked and trapped in your suburb and happy about it.”

  1. Notice to all:

    Since March 2020, we and all our friends NEVER COMPLIED TO:

    – lockdowns: we traveled far and wide every single day, got stopped only once, BS them and left.
    – muzzles: countless fights and arguments but we never wore muzzles, anywhere.
    – injections: of course we didn’t take the jabs, still got our jobs for most of us.
    – yellow stars, never got jabbed, never got their nazi passes, we still went to drink , eat in bars and restaurants (you need to know where to go)

    What else?

    And believe me, I’m not a strong guy, i juts know when I am right and I have faith.

    We have been given Free Will, it is more important than our lives.


  2. If you own guns your neighbors shut the F up and leave you alone!
    It’s worked for 200 years in America try it!
    Destroy your Government and start over!


    1. 100% with you. The problem in the west is that most “men” have become weaklings. Women have now more balls even.

      The covid scam would have never been possible with the last generation, this is why they did it in 2020 and not before.

      It’s unfortunate but we are a violent specie and homo spaiens survived because he fought, not because he complied.

      The complants are the slaves or dead of tomorrow.

      I will rather die with arms in hand as a free man than on my knees as a slave.


  3. Ca me fait penser à un système qui s’apparente à la fois au communisme (qui a créé les “visas” pour aller d’un endroit à l’autre, quartier, ville ou région, mais ça fait penser aussi au ghetto.
    Ceux qui arriveront à vivre dans ce système devront avoir l’aptitude d’un PION.


    1. It makes me think of a system that is similar to communism (which created “visas” to go from one place to another, district, city or region, but it also makes me think of the ghetto.
      Those who manage to live in this system will have to have the ability of a PION.


  4. #никаких_акцептов #вето_на_все_безумия

    У вас ничего не получится! Вы проиграли! НАРОД ПРОТИВ!!!


  5. Долгом каждого является перед смертью забрать с собой одного жида.


  6. Firstly, the only people who I legally have an obligation to register my vehicle details with are the DVLA and that’s the way it will stay.
    Secondly, I’m not obliged to be resident at the address that the DVLA have on record and they told my friend this because he travels. They only require an address as a point of contact, a sort of formality to be entered on the system, so he uses his mother’s address and lives on the road. In fact as a free citizen you can stay anywhere you like 365 days a year and there is nothing that anyone can do about, it so trying to fine someone for leaving or entering a ghetto…oops sorry, “Zone” is legally unworkable.
    The council need to be aware of the legal ramifications of punishing innocent people who have had no trial, as removing people’s freedom is generally considered to be a punishment……
    Also the value of domestic properties in Oxford has now literally become zero…….you’ll never sell your house now !


    1. That is not true. The law states you have to have your address on the license and you are legally obliged to inform the DVLA if that address changes. You can be fined £1000 if you fail to update the address and if you continue that can escalate.


  7. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life, and He is coming soon…repent and seek Him while He may be found 🔥🙏✝️🙌🏻👑


  8. Another way of taking away our divine human rights we are all born free with the right to travel,to housing, to food and to live the life that was given to us by God.


    1. ..Если мы хотим оставаться Людьми,а не цифровыми рабами,если мы хотим жить по Закону Бога,а не дьявола, если мы хотим стать частью Вселенной ,а не атомным астероидоидом,киборгами и просто-стадом безумных,зомбированных скотов-надо обьединиться,вооружиться и снести эту НЕЧИСТЬ из своего Сознания, своего Тела,Своего Сердца!
      Мы-прежде всего-Люди,дети Бога,а не бездомные марионетки Дьявола! Долой слуг Дьявола! Да будет уничтожен нашим Сознанием и нашей Сплоченностью-сам Дьявол! Люди,у кого ещё не протухли мозги от лени и страха! Обьединяйтесь! Пока есть Время!


  9. Ебаные жидопидорасы должны быть публично истерзаны целыми семьями.


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