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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Yet another renewable energy boondoggle

Guest essay by Paul Driessen Foreword: Wilkinson Solar wants to catch the solar wave, and make bundles of money sending electricity to the grid whenever it’s generated, even if it’s not needed at the time. The company’s proposed 288,120 solar…

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Success Of The Paris Accords

Based on current trends, it now appears the Arctic will never be ice free. The planet is saved. Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis Good thing we listened to the experts and #FakeNews press…

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Why do 100 year events happen so often?

By Paul Homewood       According to Mickey Mann, it’s because of climate change. But back in 1990, scientists knew the truth, as this article from the BOM explains:     Analyses of data from rainfall gauges and the…

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Alan Carlin: Reducing CO2 Emissions Is Not a Useful Substitute for Effective Stormwater Management

Houston – August 2017 [image credit: BBC] The author writes: ‘ask yourself whether you would rather buy a house in a flood prone area with effective stormwater management or with CO2 emission controls and subsidies’. Hurricane Harvey has undoubtedly caused…

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