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Book Review:  Winter Games by Daniel Church

Book Review by Kip Hansen — 27 January 2023

Hypothermia Kills! It kills the old, it kills babies and the very young, it kills strong young athletes, it kills everyday people in their everyday lives.  Hypothermia kills more men than women.  Like most people, you probably associate hypothermia — a dangerous drop in core body temperature – with very cold weather, temperatures below freezing.  But, “Hypothermia has two main types of causes. It classically occurs from exposure to cold weather and cold water immersion. It may also occur from any condition that decreases heat production or increases heat loss.” [ source ]

Hikers and campers die from hypothermia, skiers die from hypothermia, surfers sometimes die from hypothermia.  Many sailors get wet and are exposed to the wind, and get hypothermic – as Captain, I have had to send strong young men below to warm up when I’d find them way-too-cold and suffering hypothermia-induced mental confusion on deck.

During the 2013 running of the Boston Marathon, which was halted by a horrendous terrorist attack near the finish line, hypothermia became a second disaster heaped upon the first.  After the runners were forced to stop running, one witness reported that thousands of runners started to suffer from hypothermia and needed treatment or evacuation.  The temperature was 52 degrees. Only moderately cold.

Why all this talk of hypothermia?

The new novel by Daniel Church, Winter Games, opens with a scene at the beach, surfing the big waves,  which is dangerous enough in the best of times, but can be deadly dangerous for those who have stayed out too long and gotten too cold from the combination of exhaustion, cold water and ever-blowing sea breeze. 

This is a story that will suck you in from that first page and keep you reading all the way through to the last of its 250 pages.  

In this book, we follow Whit, a glacier expert who specializes in glaciers on top of volcanoes and who once suffered the loss of a colleague to hypothermia – and blames himself.

It is a fictionalized version of social/political/scientific battle raging around the world dealing with Climate Science and the disconnect between the real scientific facts about Earth’s climate and the distorted versions and facts to which most of the world’s population are exposed on a daily basis.

One group of frustrated dedicated scientists, who have found their field hijacked and being used by politicians and propagandists for the benefit of the few who wish to remake the world’s economy to benefit themselves, make a private and dangerous pact to fight back.  It is an uphill battle against a social/political force that controls nearly every news outlet and literally dictates the nightly news.

The method they choose to use in this battle will both fascinate and terrify you.  But it will also keep you up reading far past your bedtime and leave you cheering at the end.

This is science fiction story telling at its best. (and like all science fiction, must be given some intellectual leeway, a little suspension of disbelief).

The Bottom Line:

Terrific Totally-Engaging Story

Get it, Read it, Share it.

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January 27, 2023 at 04:30AM

Climate hysteria and groupthink from billionaires who want your money to “save the world”

The billionaires at Davos want you to ratchet down your life.

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January 27, 2023 at 04:04AM

Milloy 13 million-view tweet makes a liar of, “a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center,” is the latest part of Big Climate to melt down over my 13 million-view tweet. At least it came up with a new, albeit false, distraction. The “fact check” is here: Web | PDF. The gist of the fact check is that I cherry-picked the time … Continue reading Milloy 13 million-view tweet makes a liar of


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Electric Cars: Square Peg, Round Hole

Who wants to pay a lot more for a less useful product that loses its value much faster than what it’s supposed to be replacing – in order to achieve what?

PA Pundits – International

By Duggan Flanakin ~

The big story of 2023 just might be the clash between those who have imposed electric vehicle mandates and those for whom an electric vehicle is not on their shopping list.

The federal government, many state governments, and much of the automobile industry – and their counterparts worldwide – have decreed that the world abandon the internal combustion engine in favor of the (often-coal-fired) electric vehicle.

Mandates for banning new sales of conventional vehicles are as plentiful as schemes to disallow further production of “evil” fossil fuels that brought a total transformation of the world economy in little more than a century. Moreover, most automakers have pledged to end production of conventional vehicles within the next few years.

While sales of EVs “boomed” last year, the 6 million EVs still comprise less than half a percent of the world’s 1.4 billion vehicles. Yet Bloomberg…

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