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Termites Emit 2Xs More CO2 Than Humans. Soil Emits 9Xs More. Termite Numbers, Soil Area Are Growing.

• CO2 emissions from termites are more than double human emissions from fossil fuels. Image sources:  New York Times, 1982,   Zimmerman et al., 1982 • Termite populations have been observed expanding rapidly in recent decades. Image Source: Grace, 2006 Image Source: Buczkowski…

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Allstate Should Pull this Ad and Apologize for Misleading the Public

I’ve been meaning to comment about this TV ad for Allstate insurance, which enraged me the first time I saw it. Allstate knows better (the insurance business deals with probability and statistics) and they knew this was a lie when…

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Thirty Years Of Global Warming Education

Thirty Years Of Global Warming Education The benefits of thirty years of global warming education, in the enlightened, progressive state of California. World’s worst traffic jam? Cars stuck in Thanksgiving getaway ‘gridlock’ This entry was posted in Uncategorized . Bookmark…

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Climate Change Chumps

Definition “chump”: A foolish or easily deceived person. Why are so many people taken in by climate alarms? The question is often on my mind, especially when tens of thousands attend UN conferences like Katowice, or when hearing the caterwauling…

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