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Unstoppable Change, Stasis, and Climatism

“Thousands of years of climate adaptation by untold numbers of biological species is now viewed by climate alarmists as an obsolete process, as they assume that the global climate environment has reached its ultimate optimum state of ‘now’.”  The most…

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This piece looks at the improved financial independence of USA shale. Now the UK has got to get fracking and show the EU what can be achieved. via climate science April 24, 2018 at 01:30AM

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Study: California to get “climate whiplash” between drought and floods

Increase in biblical 40 days and 40 nights rain events forecast to increase. From the “models are always accurate in climateland for the next 80 years” department comes this claim of “weather, er, climate whiplash”. According to the study published…

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Claim: “Climate change” is enticing monkeys to have more promiscuous inter-species sex

From FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY and the “now if only climate change could cure the ‘I have a headache’ department comes this study that in the end, attributes change in behavior to “climate change…it is nature’s way to respond”. Oddly, there seems…

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