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‘The Data Thugs’

Guest essay by Peter D. Tillman Got your attention, didn’t it? But they are actually the good guys — two working scientists who, behind the scenes, have had striking success in bringing on retractions by publicly calling out questionable data….

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Toronto Named as the Heartland of the Radical Climate Revolution

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Many of us have said all along that the radical left are using climate change as an excuse to rally the troops, but its nice to see it all laid out in clear, without any…

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That lava is three-stories deep! – Video

Lava to the top of the roof! 30-ft-deep lava flow engulfs man’s home – He remains calm Thanks to Eric9027 for this video The post That lava is three-stories deep! – Video appeared first on Ice Age Now. via Ice…

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Australia freezes overnight

Temperatures in capitals plunge as low as -5 degrees as ski fields get another dump of snow. The mercury plunged to below 10 degrees in every capital city except for Darwin but it’s NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania that’s…

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