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Greta’s Corbyn Moment!

By Paul Homewood


h/t Joe Public


Apparently poor little Greta is doing a Corbyn! (*)


Like Jezza, it seems Greta has been telling a few porkies, if the German train company are to be believed:




Golly gosh, Greta. First Class travel! Not very planet friendly is it?


* Jeremy Corbyn was also caught out a few months ago, when he publicised a picture of him sat on the floor of an inter-city train, claiming that all the seats were taken.

Unfortunately for him, CCTV footage showed plenty of spare seats!


December 15, 2019 at 11:00AM

Roger Harrabin’s Alarmist Bubble

By Paul Homewood



I called out Roger Harrabin a few days ago for blatantly breaking BBC political impartiality rules on his twitter feed.

So I thought I would take a closer look at his twitter. What is immediately apparent is the little alarmist bubble which he inhabits there.

Apart from one reaction from GWPF, every other comment on his twitter page in the last week or so comes from his alarmist chums, who naturally confirm and reinforce each others views and opinions.

For instance:

  • James Murray – Editor of Business Green
  • Bob Ward – Enough said!
  • Richard Black – Harrabin’s predecessor at the BBC, and now head of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, the climate propaganda outfit
  • “The Bureau”  – The far left, self described “unbiased” reporting website
  • Leo Hickman – Director of Carbon Brief, formerly of the Guardian
  • ECIU – The aforesaid Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, funded by a range of progressive foundations
  • George Smeeton – Head of Communications at the ECIU
  • Richard Betts of the Met Office
  • Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre
  • Leo Murray – Anti-motorist, climate crank
  • David Shukman – BBC Science editor
  • Craig Bennett – CEO for Friends of the Earth in England
  • Henry Mance – reporter for the EU fanatical Financial Times
  • Geoffrey Lean – long time Environmental Correspondent
  • Joss Garman – UK Director of the  European Climate Foundation, the largest funder of European climate activism, itself mainly funded by US progressive foundations
  • Rebecca Willis – Professor of Climate & Energy Policy & Politics

Perhaps Mr Harrabin would be better informed if he actually went outside his little bubble, and talked to people who do not share his world view.


December 15, 2019 at 10:42AM

New Video : Arctic Fraud Approaches A Tipping Point

New Video : Arctic Fraud Approaches A Tipping Point

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December 15, 2019 at 08:23AM

Ocean Cycles At Work: Data From Japan Meteorology Agency Show Northern Coastal Europe November COOLING!

By Kirye
and P. Gosselin

Of course all we hear from the media nowadays is that weather extremes have been getting worse (over the past decades) and the planet is warming rapidly. But when we look at the untampered data, we see that many places have been cooling.

Today I present to you some examples, now that untampered November data for 2019 have become available at the JMA.


First we look at November mean temperatures of three stations Iceland, isolated in the middle of the North Atlantic. The source of the data is the Japan Meteorology Agency (JMA):

Three Icelandic stations with sufficiently available data from the JMA show a cooling November trend since the early part of the century. Data JMA.

In Iceland, the start of winter in fact has been getting colder, and not warmer like AGW theory would suggest. So there’s been lots of deception coming from activists.


The data tell a similar November story at the North Sea country of Netherlands: The start of winter is not getting delayed in the sense of warming. Quite to the contrary, it’s been cooling in November:

No real warming to be seen in November from the five examined stations in the Netherlands. Data: JMA.


Over at the North Atlantic island of Ireland, we find 6 stations with sufficient data from the JMA to allow the plotting of November trends. Here’s the result of the six stations observed:

Warming? Ireland is hardly behaving like the alarmists and Greta claim. Early winter in Ireland has been cooling! Data: JMA

Norway (Greta’s neighbor)

Greta Thunberg’s western neighbor, Norway, has also been defying claims made the teenage Swedish activist, and, for the most part, has been seeing cooling in November for two decades:

November in Greta Thunberg’s neighbor, Norway, has been cooling for some two decades now. Data: JMA.

Seven of 11 stations in Norway show November temperatures have had a cooling trend since 1999 (20 years)!

This year TROMSO/LANGNES and VARDO saw their coldest November in the last 17 yrs, BODO VI, ORLAND III, BERGEN/FLORIDA and OSLO/GARDERMOEN were the coldest in 9 years.

Powerful ocean cycles, not trace gas CO2

So how can these northern European countries examined above be cooling in times of “rapid global warming”? Why is winter coming earlier, and not later? Isn’t CO2 greenhouse gas supposed to be trapping heat there and making things warmer?

Obviously it isn’t, and so there has to be other natural explanations.

The explanation for this of course has long been suspected, but has been kept hidden from the public. The major reason for the cooling of November over the recent years very likely has something to do with the North Atlantic sea surface temperature (SST).

As the following chart shows, SSTs are cyclic, and they have been trending down for the past 15 years.


Chart: NOAA, via Climate4you.

So it’s no surprise that November has been cooling over northern, coastal Europe since the start of the century. Claiming that CO2 drives climate is a sham.

via NoTricksZone

December 15, 2019 at 08:12AM