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Climate scientists’ motivated reasoning

by Judith Curry Insights into the motivated reasoning of climate scientists, including my own efforts to sort out my own biases and motivated reasoning following publication of the Webster et al. (2005) paper A recent twitter thread by Moshe Hoffman…

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Tom Steyer To End Central American Droughts

“The Aztecs sacrificed tens of thousands of people” via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog June 19, 2019 at 02:39PM

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A Red Team review of climate crisis assertions

“Dr. Steven Kooonin is not just a physicist and NYU professor with a solid background in climate change and energy. He’s also a former Obama Department of Energy official. So when he calls for a Red Team review of government…

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Snowfall warnings for Jasper National Park

“Snowfall warnings are issued when significant snowfall is expected.” 10:18 AM Wednesday 19 June 2019 Snowfall warning in effect for: Jasper Nat. Park near and south of Sunwapta Falls Jasper Nat. Park near Jasper Jasper Nat. Park near Pocahontas Snowfall…

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