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Maths is Hard for the Green-Minded

(Also at Quadrant.) Politicians and climate alarmists are running what amounts to a promises auction about getting the world to zero net emissions in ten to thirty years’ time. It’s easy to bid as you will never be held accountable, you look virtuous and bids cost nothing, at least for the time being. The best […]

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October 17, 2019 at 05:17PM


Furious Farmers Defy Army Roadblocks in Dutch Anti-Green Protest

Dutch Anti-Climate Farmer Protest. Image source Breitbart

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Farmers in the Netherlands have reacted with fury to government demands they cull their herds to help Holland meet their nitrogen emission targets.

Incredible Pictures: Thousands of Tractors Shut Down Highways in Farmer’s Anti-Green Madness Protest

Thousands of farmers shut down highways in a go-slow protest converging on the Dutch capital Monday, as they protested being victimised by a government trying to meet European Union emissions laws by cracking down on agriculture.

The day of protest is the thirds of its kind and follows another at the start of October. At the time, Dutch media reported the protests were against a call by the government that herds of animals reared for food should be culled so the nation could meet its European Union-imposed nitrogen emission targets.

The Dutch police and army, on the instructions of the centrist-globalist prime minister Mark Rutte, attempted to shut down the main roads leading into the capital Wednesday, but using the off-road capabilities afforded by driving a tractor, the protestors simply drove around the blockades, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports. Rutte called on farmers to “keep the peace” and follow the instructions of police.

Read more (Lots of pictures):

Telling farmers to cull herds built up over generations, destroy their own livelihoods, just to please some bureaucrats in the EU and meet absurd nitrogen emission targets. Yep, that was always going to work.

The EU nitrogen targets are a heavy handed out of touch bureaucratic effort to tell farmers how to manage their fields. Just as it was in Soviet times, city based EUSSR bureaucrats believe they have a much better understanding of farming than the people who actually work the land, and have no qualms about setting unrealisable targets and making unreasonable demands.

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October 17, 2019 at 04:19PM

Cuomo orders utility to pump imaginary natural gas


There’s been a standoff between New York City and utility company National Grid going on since May of this year. As you may recall, plans for a new natural gas pipeline from New Jersey were killed off by the state government under pressure from environmental activists. As a result, National Grid wound up imposing a moratorium on new gas hookups because the current supply was insufficient to serve additional customers. This has resulted in more than a thousand potential customers being unable to be hooked up.

Now the Governor has come up with a unique plan to end the stalemate. Using an obscure state law regulating utility companies through the power of the Public Service Commission, Andrew Cuomo (who helped kill the pipeline project) is simply ordering the utility to hook up the gas lines anyway. (New York Post)

The Cuomo administration is ordering National Grid to provide natural gas hookups to over 1,100 previously denied Brooklyn-based customers.

The Public Service Commission, the state body that licenses and oversees public utility companies, announced Friday that National Grid must provide service to customers or else face “millions of dollars in penalties.”

Previously, 1,157 customers had been denied service due to National Grid’s moratorium on all new gas hookups, announced in May.

Cuomo is accusing National Grid of “acting in bad faith” and crowing about their public responsibility to provide reliable service. But he’s simultaneously reiterating his opposition to the Williams Pipeline.

Does this guy understand what he’s asking for here? We’re also left wondering if he understands why the utility stopped authorizing new gas lines in the first place. Does he think that National Grid was simply tired of making money? Obviously they want to sign up new customers so they can begin billing them.

But there isn’t enough natural gas in the existing pipeline to keep adding more service points. If they continue to hook up new customers, you’re going to see the backpressure in the lines start dropping during peak demand hours. If you look at the configuration of a typical gas furnace installation you’ll note that if the incoming gas pressure drops too low, the furnace will simply shut down for safety reasons until the pressure is restored. The same is true for many other appliances that use natural gas or propane.

Since peak demand typically hits during a severe cold snap in the winter, what Cuomo is ordering could result in a lot of people suddenly going without heat, most likely near the furthest extreme of the gas lines. And at that point, complaining to National Grid and issuing more orders isn’t going to make the heat come back on.

Read the full article here.

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October 17, 2019 at 01:01PM

Temperatures now lower than during most of the last 630 million years

This past weekend I attended the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, and took a photo of this chart showing Average Global Temperature over the past 630 million years.

Average Global Temperature – Chart courtesy the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

As you can see, average global temperature is now lower – LOWER! – than during most of the last 630 million years.

When someone yells at you that humans are causing a climate emergency, hold onto your wallet.

I used to say it was a ‘hoax,’ but now I think its much more dangerous than that. As far as I’m concerned, the global warming zealots are perpetrating an outright fraud.


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October 17, 2019 at 11:35AM