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Is Trump-Russia Hoax similar to the Dreyfus Affair?

In most cases when Mueller et al. successfully forced their targets to confess to imaginary crimes or to appear guilty in the court of the MSM, they did so by manipulating the most sacred of any citizens’ feelings: the desire…

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Adjusting Good Data To Make It Match Bad Data

On election day in 2016, both satellite data sets (UAH and RSS) showed a 15 year long hiatus in global warming, and bore no resemblance to the warming trend being generated by NOAA and NASA.  I captured this image in…

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Another socialist boom and bust in solar down under

Behold, the Victorian Govt are proving yet again that Soviet-style electricity management can crush lives, hopes and wallets. The free market is never as cruel and destructive as one run on “good intentions” or the desire to win virtue-signaling fashion…

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Weather porn about Texas, a lesson for Earth Day 2019

Reposted from the Fabius Maximus Blog. Larry Kummer, Editor Information & News, Science & Nature 22 April 2019 A lesson for Earth Day – A people can be molded into a new form by years of skillful propaganda. This is…

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