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Monthly Archives: March 2019

No Contest: Intermittent Subsidised Wind & Solar Most Expensive Electricity of All

Sunset and calm weather mean that wind and solar don’t compete with coal, gas or nuclear power, but that doesn’t stop pointless cost comparisons. Electricity generated when you don’t need it, is worthless – and wind or solar power that…

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Not Threatened By Climate Change: Orkney Islands

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen   Way up at the northern tip of Scotland, and a short ferry ride away, one finds the magnificent, bleak, intriguing islands of Orkney. Signs of human habitation go back 5,000 years, with the ruins…

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Too much snow – Gym roof at Montana State U collapses

The flat roof of the South Gym at Montana State University’s PE complex collapsed early Thursday. A photo in the Post-Register shows the entire roof caved in along with parts of the cinder-block walls. Rebar that connected the walls to…

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Dr. Peter Ridd climate skeptic dismissal case finally heads to court

Dr. Peter Ridd writes on his GoFundMe Page. My court case is scheduled for 26-28th March in Brisbane. The main arguments of both sides have been submitted to the court and the James Cook University arguments will certainly make interesting…

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