Have You Seen The Guardian’s Climate Disaster?

By Paul Homewood


The more the push back against Net Zero grows, the more desperate the propaganda becomes:





The Earth is already becoming unlivable, they claim! Funny, perhaps somebody should tell the 7.9 billion people living on it.

It’s the usual mix of cherry picking heatwaves, floods, droughts, crop failures and wildfires, dressed up in fraudulent fancy graphics, and assisted by the hopelessly discredited Katherine Hayhoe.

So let’s look at some examples:

  • Prolonged multi-decadal droughts in the Sahel
  • The “Year of the Flood” in Catalonia
  • Record droughts followed by catastrophic floods in India
  • Major drought in Chile
  • 500,000 deaths in Japan in just one winter, due to poor harvests
  • Record floods year after year in parts of Europe, but record droughts in other parts
  • 1000-Year drought in Aegean/Black Sea region
  • Around the world, millions died from famine
  • Crops regularly devastated around the world

Sounds bad? Yes it does, but this all happened in the mid 17thC. I could also have added:

  • Record cold winters
  • 1628 – The Year without a Summer
  • 1675 – The Year without a Summer (yes, another)
  • So cold in Egypt that they wore furs.
  • Record cold springs
  • Record wet summers
  • Record cold summers
  • Rapidly advancing glaciers

All of this is described in Geoffrey Parker’s excellent book, Global Crisis.

Similar catastrophic events occurred in the 19th, before the Little Ice Age gave up its grip.

The Guardian has clearly lost its grip as well! They’ll probably try to tell us next that we all died last year. After they cannot get much more ridiculous.



October 24, 2021 at 12:51PM

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