New Onshore Wind Capacity Dries Up (As Subsidies End)

By Paul Homewood



The Renewables Obligation scheme was closed to all new onshore wind generation in May 2016, although certain grace periods were allowed for projects in the pipeline.

It may still be early days, but the effect seems to be that new onshore capacity coming on stream in the UK has virtually dried up.





According to government figures, only 202 MW was added, and all of this seems to have been on projects that have been ongoing for sometime, eg:

Kilgallioch – 73 MW

Pen y Cymoedd – 33 MW

Beckburn  – 31 MW

Auchrobert – 39 MW


All of these four are accredited for RO, so will carry on being subsidised.


There is an additional 748 MW of capacity due to commission by 2020, which have CfD contracts from earlier rounds. But the CfD auction is also now currently closed to onshore wind, so there will be no more added unless the government changes its mind.


The renewable lobby keeps telling us that onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of generation around now, if not the cheapest.

The fact that nobody seems to be interested in building new wind farms, now that the subsidies have ended, would appear to show that they are not telling the truth!


October 30, 2017 at 07:33AM

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