Desperate acts: Trying to link “climate change” and Halloween

Desperate acts: Trying to link “climate change” and Halloween

I had a Facebook discussion with Dr. Roy Spencer this morning, because he wrote a note about only having one trick-or-treater show up at the door of his home this year. I quipped:

 “I blame global warming.” to which he wryly replied: “You can’t go out tonight kids because it’s almost 1 degree warmer than when your great-grandparents went trick-or-treating!”. 

Chuckling, I replied: “surely somewhere, that argument has been made. That “climate change” will affect Halloween. Here, the EDF using the holiday as an excuse to write a scare story:

Without getting into the details, here is their claims, the only one of which has any truth is #5, but would be better served by saying “don’t believe” rather than “deny”, as in 58% of Americans don’t believe in ghosts.

  1. Extreme weather is becoming more extreme
  2. Tipping points loom in near future
  3. Coastal communities battle sea level rise
  4. Humans are nearing uncharted climate territory
  5. Many American politicians deny the problem

And the EDF doesn’t stop there, they produced a series of posters for teachers to put up in the classroom:

Indeed, and that wasn’t the only example of climate zealots trying to co-opt Halloween for a climate agenda, I found many others:

As Dr. Roy quipped in his final Facebook comment, when it comes to climate change zealotry “Never let a good holiday go to waste.”

via Watts Up With That?

November 1, 2017 at 10:32AM

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