New Solar Developments Dry Up

By Paul Homewood




I mentioned the other day that new installations of onshore wind farms had dried up recently, following the ending of subsidies.

It appears that something similar has happened to solar power.

As with onshore wind, the Renewable Obligation system was closed to new capacity from April 2016, but with a grace period for installations up to March 2017.

Moreover, the latest CfD auction this year excluded established technologies, such as onshore wind and solar. The previous auction was in 2015, and out of the five successful projects, two have been installed and the others cancelled.

Effectively therefore, all subsidy mechanisms have now been withdrawn from solar projects.


Latest government figures show that only 77 MW has been added in the last 6 months.



[Row numbers refer to capacity bands – Row 28 is >25 MW, and Row 23 is <4 KW]


The latest quarter is still provisional, and may rise slightly, but investment in new solar does appear to have seriously stalled.

So much for solar being one of the cheapest sources of power around!



November 1, 2017 at 11:45AM

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