Quote of the Week – no more ‘currying favor’ at the EPA

Quote of the Week – no more ‘currying favor’ at the EPA

We covered the announcement of EPA administrator Scott Pruitt yanking away the conflict of interest issue that has plagued EPA Science Advisory Boards; members of those boards also received EPA grants.

“Process matters,” Pruitt said during the announcement on Tuesday at EPA headquarters. “As we engage in rule making… we also need to respect the record, the science, that we are relying on to make decisions.”

He went on to add that no scientific adviser should appear to have a conflict of interest with the agency.

“They will have to choose: either the grant, or service, but not both,” Pruitt said.

Predictably, leftist trough feeders are outraged. The execrable Think Progress accuses Pruitt of “manufacturing reality”.

But there’s also support from Dr. Lucas Bergkamp, who is an environmental scientist:

and some common sense from Dr. Judith Curry:

via Watts Up With That?


November 1, 2017 at 12:04PM

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