Global Warming Alarmists – Recycling The Identical Idiocy From 50 years Ago.

Not everyone was pushing global cooling in 1969.  In 1969, J. G. Fletcher said man only had a few decades to solve global warming. He also said global warming was melting the Arctic.

18 Dec 1969, Page 1 – Ukiah Daily Journal at

A few months later, the New York Times reported a frigid Arctic, ominously thicker Arctic ice and international concern about a new ice age.

U.S. and Soviet Press Studies of a Colder Arctic – The New York Times

March 2, 1975 – B-r-r-r-r: New Ice Age on way soon? | Chicago Tribune Archive

National Geographic : 1976 Nov, Page 575

Two things that never changes with global warming alarmists.

  1. We always are a couple of decades away from catastrophe
  2. They never have any clue what is going on the Arctic

via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

November 2, 2017 at 12:30PM

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