Google Search Fact-Checks the Future

Today is November 2, 2017.  I googled november 4th antifa, Google predictably returned links to the friends of antifa.  The first result was from the Washington Post, which has published a full page ad for the, promoting the November 4th riots. The second result is a surprise: Snopes, a fake fact checker, calling FALSE the opinion that “‘Antifa’ is planning a Civil War”.

Screenshot of Google search for 'november 4th antifa'

I wonder how they are so well informed about plans of ‘antifa’ for the future…

Speaking of full page ads in the Washington Post and New York Times – are they bought with Tom Steyer’s money?  A couple weeks ago, a hard Left billionaire Tom Steyer announced multi-million dollar ad purchase.

via Climate Realism Against Alarmism

November 2, 2017 at 06:12PM

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