The Correct Way To Analyze Data

A single shot through the right temple took the life of the 46-year-old Chief Executive

22 Nov 1963, 10 – Fort Lauderdale News

If you want to come to a reasonable conclusion about a topic, you have to clear your head of what you want to believe, clear it of what you have heard, and look at the data objectively.  That is how I analyze climate data.

Below, I motion stabilized the key frames of the Zapruder video, so that car and camera movements are removed.

  • JFK’s head never lurched forward. Between frames 313 and 314 the camera jerked backwards, creating the illusion of a forward movement. I have removed this from the sequence via motion stabilization.
  • In frame 315 a bright white circle appeared in his skull, and remained for several seconds
  • Between frames 315 and 320, his head jerked sharply backwards, about 12 inches.
  • By frame 323, he is starting to slump forwards.
  • There is no indication of damage to the back of his skull.

So what is the bright white circle?  Most likely an incendiary or explosive bullet lodged in his skull. The momentum of the bullet dragged his head sharply backwards between frames 315 and 322.

People don’t normally have bright white lights inside their skull.  The claim that JFK was killed by a rifle shot from the rear is simply ludicrous. This is not “conspiracy theory.” This is objective data analysis.


via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

November 2, 2017 at 08:00AM

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